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Our Story 

There is a gap between IT operations and technology resellers. Most VARs have little-to-no experience in the daily grind of IT operations. They view the world through the newest features of their vendors’ products; anti-virus is now behavioral, Next-Gen firewall, SIEM uses AI, web and email Zero Day filtering, and so on. Who has the resources to evaluate, implement, train and maintain these solutions with an IT staff already? The most frustrating part is that the hackers are still getting through.


TrustDigital offers a solution to this problem. We start with a security assessment that offers insight into the current network threats and provides you with the tools to start building a successful IT security program.


What you can TRUST
 us to do! 


Governance Risk and Compliance


PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NIST and more! 


Minimizing your risks with trusted solutions.

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